Leverage is the correlation between client's funds and company's borrowed funds, in other words the correlation of owned and borrowed funds.

Another widely used definition of this term is a “financial leverage”. It means you may borrow funds if you do not have enough of your own and use them to increase the size of the trade transactions and therefore increase the profit.

If the leverage has the ratio of 1:100, it means that the Company gives 100 monetary units to each monetary unit of yours. If your deposit is 10,000 USD, then using this leverage ratio, the Company puts out onto the interbank market the amount of money which is 100 times bigger, i.e.

 1,000,000 USD.

Our Company offers the leverage of ratio 1:500.

The Company has the following relation of the leverage to the trade account balance:

You can change the leverage yourself by sending a request to support@usbbroker.com. The requests on the leverage change are usually reviewed within one hour.

The Company has the right to change the leverage ratio for certain clients at any time and discretion, providing the client with an oral or written note at least 24 hours prior.

The Company keeps the right to refuse to provide a leverage with 1:500 ratio without stating the reasons.