15% on Account Refilling

Campaign conditions:

1. Any trade accounts type NDD and ECN can participate in the campaign.

2. Bonus size is 15% of the deposit.

3. Minimum deposit amount to get the bonus is 10 USD, 9 EUR.

4. Bonus is counted at drawdown and can be lost when a client loses their funds.

5. Profit got while trading with the bonus, is withdrawn without any limitations. Bonus stays on the account.

6. If a client is withdrawing the funds which the bonus was paid on, then the bonus is withdrawn with it. The size of the bonus withdrawn has the same relation to the whole bonus as the funds being withdrawn to the funds that the bonus was charged to.


The trade account deposit is $1,000, the bonus is $150. The whole deposit is $1,150. Some deals are made using this account; the profit got is $100. The trade account balance now is $1250. If a client is withdrawing an amount less than $100, then the bonus stays on the account. If a client is withdrawing $300, it means that $100 is the profit and $200 is client's funds. The client deposited $1,000 and is withdrawing $200 which 20% of the deposit ($200*100%/$1000). It means that 20% is also withdrawn from the bonus of $150 and makes it $30 ($150*20%/100%).

7. Not counted as a deposit:

- deposits made before the start of the campaign;

- money transfers from Client’s other accounts into the one participating in the campaign;

- any compensations or bonuses provided by the company;

- funds return operation as a result of withdrawal cancellation.

8. Bonuses are credited onto the trade account with the comment “Credit In: 15%”.

9. Bonuses are written off the trade account with the comment “Credit out: 15%”.

10. The writing off of the whole bonus takes place in the following cases:

- if a Client is withdrawing all the funds from the account;

- if the Company excluded a Client from the campaign.

11. The bonus is charged onto the trade account within 24 hours from the moment when the clients money is deposited into the account.

12. The bonus can be withdrawn from the account in case of completed (closed) volume of trading operations. The volume required equals the number of lots, 10 times smaller than the deposited amount and the bonus amount. The number of deals is irrelevant.


The deposited amount is $1000, the bonus charged is $150. The whole deposit is $1150. This account requires the volume of trading operations which equals 115 lots ($1150/10). Let us say it is 20 profit closed deals 5.75 lots each (115/20).

13. The campaign period is February 1, 2012  to no time limit.

14. The company preserves the right to write off the bonus at any time in case of the Client's misuse of the campaign conditions.

15. The company has the right at any moment change the conditions and the time of the campaign, or suspend the campaign.