Trading Platform

U.S.B. Broker company offers a new universal trade-information platform “UTIP Trader 2.3” (Universal Trade Information Platform) to work on world financial markets.

This trade platform is designed to organize the brokerage service on the financial markets, such as FOREX market, forward market and precious metals market.

The trader's tools include different types of trade orders, schedules with many time-frames and a wide range of settings; and also a full technical price analysis with multiple indicators.

For every trade tool the following types of charts are available: linear, bars and candlestick. 21 kinds of time-frames are also available to make detailed analysis of price movement dynamics. Over 50 inbuilt technical indicators and oscillators, and diverse linear tools make the analytical job easier.

With the help of these analysis tools it is possible to detect trends, find different price models, and define the level of position opening/closure, etc. At the same time it is possible to use several analytical objects and therefore have a deeper analysis of the financial market price movement.

Besides the basic orders (Sell/Buy), the platform allows you to put forward a number of postponed orders such as orders closing the positions automatically: “Take Profit” and  “Stop Loss”; and orders opening the positions automatically: “Buy Stop”, “Buy Limit”, “Sell Stop” and “Sell Limit”. The platform also has the function Trading Stop – floating order Stop Loss, which allows you to follow the order automatically without your direct action on the order, and at the same time keeping the profit gained in case the trend changes.

The platform allows you to create your own indicators. Using an API you can write your own indicators in any programming language.

The platform has an option of logging in into your Personal account to deposit/withdraw funds.

The whole informational exchange between the trade platform and the platform servers is coded with 128-bite keys which allow you to be confident in the confidentiality of your personal data.

The platform is produced with an open interface which lets you expand its functions and integrate it with any other systems.

According to the majority of users, the trade platform, comparing to other terminals, is visually easier and more convenient, functional and perfect for trading. In 2018, at FOREX EXPO, the trade platform UTIP Trader 2.3 was awarded the title Best Trading Platforms (best trading platform at FOREX market). Users actively close their positive feedback on this platform on the Internet.

The main advantages include: multicurrency and multilingual support, economy and productivity, reliability and security.

Moreover, at your service there are ready-to-use plug-ins which make different aspects of platform work easier.