Open a Demo Account

To open a training account (demo-account) you need to do the following:

  1. download the trade platform;
  2. install this platform on your personal computer (PC) or any other mobile device that works on Windows operating system platform;
  3. open the installed platform;
  4. pick “Open demo” in “Menu” tab;
  5. fill in all the fields in the popped-up window. Choose the account currency and the leverage size. Pick (choose) DEMO FIX server. Click “Register”;
  6. save the data received (login and password) from the demo account.

The training account is open. You can start getting acquainted with the trade platform, trade tools and technical analysis tools. Moreover training platform will save you at the beginner's stage from the risks of trading at financial markets with real funds and will help you to hone your trading skills.