Money market

Money market – the funds market where long-term capitals and debentures are accumulated and formed. It is the main type of financial market in a modern market economy; companies use it to find the funding for their activity.

The money market parties are people who lend money (lenders) on one side, and people who borrow money on certain conditions (borrowers) on the other side. One more party of the market is financial intermediaries. The money lending is possible without financial intermediaries.

On the money market, lenders and borrowers are represented by the following groups:

  1. Banks;
  2. Non-bank credit organizations;
  3. Enterprises and organizations of various types – legal entities;
  4. Individuals;
  5. State presented by different bodies and organizations;
  6. International financial organizations;
  7. Other financial and credit institutions.

On the money market, financial intermediaries are represented by the following groups:

  1. Banks;
  2. Professional financial market participants: