Partnership Boom

The Introducing broker's income is calculated in percentage from the opened account deposit of the clients they have attracted according to the following formula:

The reward is credited to the Introducing broker's trade account within 24 (twenty four) hours after the attracted client has made a deposit.

The reward to the Introducing Broker is credited in the form of bonus funds:

- the bonus takes part in the drawdown and can be lost;

- the profit received at trade with a bonus, is deduced without any restrictions. The bonus is not debited;

- the bonus can be withdrawn from the account in case of spent (closed) volume of trading operations equal to the amount of the accrued bonus. The number of transactions does not matter.


The amount of the bonus is $ 1000. In this trading account it is necessary to make the volume of trading operations equal to 1000 lots ($ 1000 = 1000 lots). Let's say that these are 200 closed deals with a volume of 5 lots (1000/200).

The Company reserves the right at any time to write off the bonus, in the event that the Client's abuse of the terms of the Introducing Broker Agreement is discovered.

In case of the trade account closure initiated by the Introducing broker or Introducing broker's violation of the terms of agreement, the Company does not pay the reward.

The campaign period is Jule 11, 2022 to Jule 17, 2022.