Franchising or commercial concession is renting of a brand or commercial designation (sign). For a company, franchising is a way to spread the business. For entrepreneurs, franchising is one of the ways to become an owner of some business.

Franchising is a combination of big and small business. This combination was called a union, where on one side there is the energy and responsibility of one individual businessman, and on the other side there are resources, commercial power and a great experience of one big company. With all of this united, we are getting energy, responsibility, power, resources and experience – a favorable combination with great chances to succeed!

Franchising is a business organization when a company (franchisor) gives an independent individual or a company (franchisee) a right to sell the product or service of this company. Franchisee is obliged to sell this product or service on predetermined laws and rules of a business management set by the franchisor. In exchange for following the rules and the laws, the franchisee gets permission to use the name of the company, its reputation, product and service, marketing technology, expertise, and the mechanisms of support. Thus, following the rules is not a disadvantage, vice versa, following the rules means that franchisee has a great opportunity to make profit and realize the advantage of their investment.

U.S.B. Broker offers confident novice entrepreneurs to buy a franchise.

Franchise is a complete business system which franchisor sells to franchisee. Another name to a system like this is a franchise package which usually includes business manuals and other important materials belonging to the franchisor.

U.S.B. Broker also offers help with the company branch opening in your region or country.  Official representatives of the company working on a franchise in your country will help you to open a training center, recruiting of employees and will provide the support of any degree of difficulty to your work. Also official representatives keep the right to regulate and control your branch's activity.

For other questions or more detailed information of partnership, contact via email:, or official representatives in your country or region.