Introducing broker

Introducing broker is an official representative of a company who works with attracting new clients and gets a reward for doing that.

A legal entity as well as an individual can be a Introducing broker. To get involved in the business, there is no requirement to have a license of a professional participant of financial markets. U.S.B. Broker specialists will provide all necessary consultations, free training, handouts, as well as full support and will design a requested work model considering your abilities and skills.

This activity provides a unique opportunity to earn by attracting other people to exchange trade. U.S.B. Broker offers a high reward for the attraction of new clients. The reward directly depends on the size of the deposit on an account of a client that the Introducing broker has attracted. Considering different products of investments offered by the Company, the Introducing broker's income also has different percentage.

The Introducing broker's income is calculated in percentage from the opened account deposit of the clients they have attracted in the following portions:

if the client attracted by the Introducing broker opens a trade account and signs a deposit agreement, i.e waives the trading and leaves their funds with the deposit interest regardless of the amount, then the Introducing broker is paid a reward of 5 % (five percent) from the money the client has deposited.

The reward is credited to the Introducing broker's trade account within 24 (twenty four) hours after the attracted client has made a deposit.

In case of the trade account closure initiated by the Introducing broker or Introducing broker's violation of the terms of agreement, the Company does not pay the reward.