Depository Сontribution

Would you like to make a safe and profitable investment? Then this offer is for you!

It is possible to get high profit with no risk! Open a depository account with optimal interest rate at U.S.B. Broker company and do not worry about your savings. A depository account is the confidence in your future!


  1. deposit currency – USA dollars (USD);
  2. minimum deposit – 100 USD;
  3. interest rate – 15% per annum;
  4. annual interest capitalization;
  5. deposit insurance.

Deposit calculator

Amount USD

Income: 1 000 USD
Amount with interes: 11 000 USD

Deposit conditions:

All deposits are insured

All deposits of U.S.B. Broker company are insured in order, amount and on conditions established by USA Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; FDIC).

FDIC covers all the banks, members of Federal Reserve’s System, and other credit institutions.

Insurance payment is 100% of deposited amount.

The insurance is financed through bonuses which are charged to financial institutions and every insured account of more than 100,000 US dollars.

To open the Depository contribution must complete the account opening in Personal account to update your account convenient way for you, and send message to email: account number and a request to send you the original contract.

To open an account, select a Personal Account in the menu item "Trade" item "Open Account", then select the account currency «USD», account type "NDC contribution" leverage"1:1".

For any further question, please e-mail box: